"on location", "en plein air" paintings of beautiful places
botanical paintings of wonderful plants

the process...
"en plein air" is French, meaning in the open air.   that's how I love to paint.   whether it's basking in 105 degree heat in Death Valley, standing in a snow bank in Utah's Wasatch Mountains, or dodging rattlers in a ghost town in Nevada,  let me paint outside..."on location"..."en plein air"

there's always something that catches the eye...clouds roll in, creating all new shadows... light ricochets off bushes and rock, shooting at the mountain tops...rivers slide in and out of nooks and all speaks, begs to be celebrated and shared ...

why do many of these paintings look different from other watercolors??? yes, they do... in order for me to depict the southwest accurately I choose to paint like the old masters.  all of the landscapes of death valley are painted with natural minerals, most found in north america and the southwest...   you'll find turquoise, garnet, minnesota pipestone, bronzite, sodalite, zoisite, hematite, tiger's eye, bauxite, titanium, lapis lazuli and yavapi, to name a few.

come in and take a peek!  and stay in touch..

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